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The San Rustico winery in Valgatara enjoys a venerable tradition of wine production from one of the area's oldest original wine producing families. This tradition dates back to 1870 when the first family vineyard was cultivated in the 'Gaso' region, high in the hills above Marano di Valpolicella. Established by Great Grandfather Luigi Campagola, the winery swiftly rose to world reknown when it was awarded the gold medal from the Consulate of Copenhagen in 1908, and since then, the family's classic production secrets have been handed down by tradition from father to son, until we now arrive at the current fifth generation. After the passing of their father Danilo, the task of producing fine wines fell to the brothers Marco and Enrico Campagnola who, through a lifetime of experience working at the side of their father, have continued to nurture and nourish the winery with dedication and passion.These attributes are combined with the professionalism and commercial commitment required to maintain a successful family business in this day and age. Immersed in, and remaining ever faithful to the traditions of the Valpolicella Classico wine, the brothers Marco and Enrico, respectively oenologist and agronomist personally follow each stage of production. From the cultivation of vineyards and subsequent selection and hand picking of the grapes, to the traditional drying and ageing methods that are unique to the classic Valpolicella region. In short, from the vine to the bottle.

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