Corte Porta Rosso Veronese IGT

SAN RUSTICO | UVE Corvina/Corvinone
SAN RUSTICO | VIGNETI Hilly vineyards with a very good solar exposure in the Valpolicella Classica to 250 – 350 meters of altitude.
SAN RUSTICO | CARATTERISTICHE Brilliant and purple colour. Notes of red fruits, cherries and spices. Full bodied and harmonic with pleasant and velvety after taste, it is softened by hints of cocoa and toasted coffee.
SAN RUSTICO | INVECCHIAMENTO Refined in Slavonia oak barrels and tonneaux for about 24 months (times may change depending on the year).
SAN RUSTICO | ABBINAMENTO This wine is well suited to accompany game, grilled meats, stew and mature cheeses. To be served at 18-20% C. Open at least 2 hours before serving.
SAN RUSTICO | INVECCHIAMENTO Enjoy within 6/8 years from harvest, it is suitable to be aged.

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