Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore


SAN RUSTICO | UVE Corvina/Corvinone
SAN RUSTICO | VIGNETI Our owned hilly vineyards of Marano area (Valpolicella Classica). The soil is compact and red on Eonece limestone rich in calscium and iron. Terraced lands with dry stone (called “marogne”).
SAN RUSTICO | CARATTERISTICHE Ruby-red deep colour with garnet nuances. Delicate, ethereal bouquet. Dry taste, velvety, medium-bodied, pleasantly bitterish aftertaste.
SAN RUSTICO | INVECCHIAMENTO In Slavonia and Allier oak casks for about 12 months and about 6 months in bottle (times may change depending on the year).
SAN RUSTICO | ABBINAMENTO Excellent wine particularly suitable for roasted and grilled meat, ripe cheese and salami. To be served at room temperature 18 °C.
SAN RUSTICO | INVECCHIAMENTO Correctly stored may be aged for 5/6 years.

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